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Ratings and reviews for Elvis: Ultimate Gospel

Ratings and reviews for Elvis: Ultimate Gospel
based on 105 rating(s)
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Price: $7.98 $5.99 (12% off)
Trade In Value: $3.35
Artist(s): Elvis Presley
Release Date: 3/6/2007
Binding: Audio CD
Running Time: 65 minutes
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: Sony Legacy
Manufacturer: Sony Legacy
Product Group: Music
Edition: Deluxe Edition
Genre: Christian
Sales Rank: 269
Description: Long before he was the King of rock, Elvis loved gospel music. He sang it as a child and throughout his career; all three of his Grammys(r) were for gospel recordings. With two songs not included in previous editions, this CD expands on the definitive Elvis gospel album!
UPC: 886970523622

Reviews 1 to 10 of 105
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amazon logo His BEST single CD Gospel collection!
Very powerful performances and of course Elvis' voice is unmatched. He was made to sing Gospel and he puts his heart into every performance. The only Grammies he won were for his Gospel recordings. I know there are many Elvis Gospel collections available, but this one is his best single CD Gospel collection! To top this one you would have to get the 2 CD "Amazing Grace" or the 3 CD "Peace in the Valley" set.

The 2007 release is slightly different than the original "Elvis Ultimate Gospel" CD released in 2004. On the 2007 version they added two songs "In My Father's House" and "An Evening Prayer" and deleted "Miracle Of The Rosary". I guess you could say it is the Protestant version of "Elvis Ultimate Gospel". If you like Gospel music and don't want to spend a lot of money on multi-CD releases, I highly recommend this CD.

The CD was a minor hit in the US when it was first released in 2004, reaching 9 on the Top Christian Albums chart and 30 on the Country Albums chart. It would eventually be certified GOLD by the RIAA.
47 of 47 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Great collection
Excellent (and super-sounding!) single-disk collection of Elvis' greatest gospel performances for those who cannot or will not spring for the multi-disk complete collection.
Track listing :
1. How Great Thou Art
2. So High
3. Amazing Grace
4. Crying In The Chapel
5. You'll Never Walk Alone
6. Swing Down Sweet Chariot
7. Milky White Way
8. His Hand In Mine
9. I Believe In The Man In The Sky
10. Where Could I Go But To The Lord
11. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side
12. Run On
13. He Touched Me
14. Bosom Of Abraham
15. Lead Me, Guide Me
16. Joshua Fit The Battle
17. If We Never Meet Again
18. I, John
19. Reach Out To Jesus
20. Who Am I?
21. Help Me
22. Miracle Of The Rosary
23. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
24. Peace In The Valley
26 of 34 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Just wonderful
This is the best single-disc compilation of Elvis' Gospel songs that you can get. The sound is very good, too. Even though these songs are gospel, they have a quality that transcends gospel and would have a lot of appeal to those interested in secular music. I highly recommened this to anyone and especially Elvis fans.
25 of 25 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo A wonderful addition to Elvis' catalog
I just picked up this CD, and as a huge Elvis fan, I am happy to have a lot of this gospel material included from the original mastertapes. What they have done reveals a lot of subtle features that previous releases did not.

The reason I can't give it 5 stars is that I think they left off a few songs that are essential to ANY gospel compilation. Stand By Me, I Believe, and Where No One Stands Alone are songs I think could have been used in place of a few of the later gospel songs.

But, I love what is here, and the sound and packaging is great. If you don't want to shell out for the 2 CD Amazing Grace or the 3 CD Peace In The Valley, this is a nice introduction to Elvis' gospel.

20 of 20 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo A Great Collection of Elvis' Gospel Music
This CD contains a great collection of Elvis' gospel hits from "Amazing Grace" to "How Great Thou Art." It's a must-have for all Elvis fans.
14 of 14 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo His heart belonged to Gospel
When Elvis sings "How Great Thou Art", or "Take My Hand, Precious Lord", you can feel that these songs touched him in a way that others did not. His heart belonged to gospel.
11 of 14 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo I came to know the different Elvis!
I'm a Big Fan of Elvis Presley, but since BMG has purchased RCA, they started to rewapp the old albums with new liner notes, and it's impposible for me to get all of them.But this "Ultimate gospel" album is worthy to be taken. It has the most famous gospel which Elvis sang, like "How Great Thou Art", "Amazing Grace"(I consider it as the best version), "Joshua Fit The Battle", etc. And it's been remastered from original tapes,so sound quality is good, too.
If you can get only one gospel album of Elvis Presley, this is the one!
12 of 12 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo elvis ultimate gospel
0 of 11 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo the best
this album is the best and so r all his albums, u cnt choose between em. u nd 2 listen 2 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 of 11 people found this review helpful.
In my opinion, Elvis Presley was and will always be the greatest performer put on this earth. The Elvis Ultimate Gospel comes from the heart and soul of this man. I have never been so overcome with emotion as I was when I heard him sing " HOU GREAT THOU ART." It is that special -- when my number is up, I want this particular version played at my funeral. I met him on a personal basis while he was on tour and when he came thru St. Louis, I would handle the security detail for the airlines. I became to know him one on one and I don't believe he truly ever realized HOW GREAT HE WAS AS A PERFORMER. Actually, he was very humble. I handled alot of entertainers, but none even came close to him.
He gave everything he had to his fans.

May, he truthly rest in peace!

10 of 10 people found this review helpful.

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